Orlando International Airport – BP-394A, B & C Rehabilitation of Taxiway C and Related Work

This $18M project consisted of rehabilitation of Taxiway C and its associated taxiway connectors at the Orlando International Airport.  Taxiway C is a parallel and primary taxiway servicing Runway 18L-36R and Runway 18R-36L, including resurfacing and/or strengthening of taxiway pavements and related work.  The project was designed by AVCON Inc. under Master Project No. BP-394, then divided into phased bid packages, BP-394A, BP-394B and BP-394C.  Work included milling existing pavement, full-depth pavement reconstruction, placement of bituminous pavement, and related drainage, airfield markings, lighting and signage.  The contract work was performed primarily during day-time operations.  The three phases were constructed between 2008 and 2010.